A union's role is to advocate for the interests of its members and I believe all workers deserve that kind of representation.

I admire and care about my colleagues immensely, and I'm so proud of our ongoing efforts to help contribute to and enrich our larger cinema culture and community.

I join our union because I believe in the value of the work we do. I stand with my co-workers as we advocate for fairness, transparency, and a stronger voice in our workplace.

I support a union because through collective action we can not only gain the wages, safety, and respect we deserve, but we can make the Academy and its mission even stronger.

I support the union because the future of film is its people, and Academy Foundation workers represent some of the top people in our field. Academy workers deserve pay transparency, advancement opportunities, and benefits commensurate with the quality of work we deliver.

We are coming together to fight for better wages, improved working conditions, greater environmental sustainability, and a more substantial commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Academy Foundation's collections and programs are only made accessible by way of its dedicated and highly skilled staff. Our union will allow us to better support each other, and our colleagues throughout the field, to set new and greater standards for improved transparency, diversity and inclusion, and equitable pay in the workplace.

I'm excited about the union because I believe that everybody, regardless of job title, deserves to be able to afford housing and food in the city where they work.

I support our union because I love my job and want to see a future here. We, the staff, are committed to the Academy Foundation's mission and that commitment should be reciprocated.

I support the union because I'm tired of being just one guy complaining.