Community Letter of Support

Dear Academy leadership,

As members of the community, we stand with the workers who are organizing the Academy Foundation Workers Union.

We strongly believe in workers' legal right to freely organize a union, without fear of retaliation or interference from management. A respectful, equitable, and transparent environment where employees may speak openly and be heard is imperative for all to thrive in the workplace.

Each day, the employees of the Academy Foundation work to maintain and increase access to information, resources, and opportunities pertaining to motion pictures. We recognize the value their labor adds to our community.

We call on Academy leadership to maintain neutrality as the workers organize their union and to recognize the union and their demonstration of majority support.

Mariah A. Sander, Community Member
Jessalyn Aaland, Organizing Power
Jeremy Abbott, Community Member
lowell abellon, Community Member
Rachel Abrahams, Community Member
agrohimhtq agrohimhtq,
Sarah Ainsworth, Hoover Library and Archives
Dahlia Alé-Ferlito, Union Member
Trevor Alixopulos, Community Member
TJ Allers, Community Member
Mitch Anderson, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Andreasbzb Andreasbzb,
Antoniofdk Antoniofdk, Service
Jennifer Arcand, Community Member
Rosa Arenas, Union Member
Patricia Arquette, Artist
Patricia Aufderheide, School of Communication, American University
Criss Austin, Community Member
David Baar, Somatic Coach
Aza Babayan,
Damon Baird, Community Member
Bo Baker, UTC Library
Dirk Bannink, Researcher/activist
Rachael Barbash, Artist
Miranda Barnewall, Former Film Archivist
Erin Barsan, Community Member
Sarah Barsness, Community Member
Sean Batton, Community Member
Michele Beacham, Archivist
Snowden Becker, Consulting archivist; Medex Forensics
Brian Belak, Community Member
Kevin Beltz, Artist
Becca Bender, Community Member
Christine Berg, Community Member
Tre Berney, Community Member
Rachel Bernstein, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Timothy Biley, Community Member
Joanna Black, Sierra Employee Alliance (UAW Local 2103)
Hayley Blackstone, Community Member
Jennifer Blaylock, Film & Media Scholar
Kara Bledsoe, Artist
Elaine Boby, Artist
Antonella Bonfanti, UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
BREANNA BORGESON, Family friends
Julie Botnick, Community Member
Amber Bowen, Storm King Art Center
Fernando Bribiesca, AFSCME
Ashley Brim, Artist
Alex Broadwell, CalArts, Hammer Museum
Kathrine Browne, Community Member
ERin Buerk,
Hansen Bursic, Artist
Anthony Butler, Student
Natalie Cadranel, OpenArchive
David Cappoli, UCLA
Diana Cardenas, UCLA
Alana Castanon, Beverly Hills Education Association
Christopher Castro, Community Member
Michelle Caswell, UCLA
Russell Cavallaro, Community Member
Alex Cave, Community Member
Daniel Chaffey, Cultural Programmer
Kevin Chaffey, Artist
Nancy Chao, AFSCME local 3311
Michele Chase, Community Member
Tuni Chatterji, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Justine Chen, Academy Museum and ADG Local 800
Sharon Cheslow, Community Member
Kelly Chisholm, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Lawrence Chit, Artist
Debbie Cho, Community Member
Bianca Cifuentes, Community Member
Brendan Coates, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Liz Coffey, Community Member
Nick Colin, Community Member
Peter Collopy, Community Member
Eddy Colloton, Community Member
Kevin Conroy, Community Member
Lohanne Cook, Museum Staff
Courtney Costello, IATSE
Lauren Crow, MOCA
Morgan Cuppet, Union Member
Katie Cycan, Community Member
Stephen Danley, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Amy Darsa, Artist
Jeremy Davies, Municipal Employees Association
Valeria Davila, Audiovisual archivist
Peter Davis, Motion Picture Academy Documentary Branch
Vanessa Davis, Artist
Brian Davis, Oregon State University
Alanna De Carlo, SAG-AFTRA
Cathy de la Cruz, Artist
Courtney Dean, Union Member
Tacita Dean, Artist
Andrea Decker, Information Professional
Kayla Delacerda, Artist
Lu Denegre, Penn Museum Workers United
Angel Diaz, UCSB Library
C Diaz, ENTRE Film Center & Regional Archive
Denisse Diaz, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Narin Dickerson, Community Member
Laura Dintzis, Community Member
Christina DiPasquale, Media Burn Independent Video Archive
Melissa Dollman, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Teresa Donovan,
Dennis Doros, Milestone Film & Video
Lubisa Dotzler, Artist
Marianne Drummond, Community Member
Kit Duckworth, The Criterion Collection
Geoffrey Duncanson, Artist
Fletcher Durant, Community Member
KATE EKMAN, Community Member
Claire Emerson, Academy Museum Workers United
Cornelia Emerson, Community Member
Harrison Engle, Director/Producer, member DGA, IDA
Dan Erdman, Media Burn Archive
Harry Eskin, Museum Member
Susan Etheridge, Museum Member
Susan Etheridge, Museum Member
Jessika Evans, Artist
Samantha Everett, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Kelsey Faamausili, Academy Museum Workers United
Susannah Faber, Community Member
Jamie Feiler, Museum Member
Laura Felix, Community Member
Jason Fennell, Homeless Cop
Erika Feresten, Screen Actors Guild
Allyson Nadia Field, University of Chicago
Jade Finlinson, Community Member
Kate Fitzpatrick, Community Member
Margot Fitzsimmons, Artist
Brenda Flora, Amistad Research Center
Ida Fogle, AFSCME Local 3311, DBRLWU
Caren Foster, Community Member
David Foster, Community Member
Lucie Fourmont, Blackhawk Films
Claire Fox, Evergreen Audiovisual
Rebecca Fraimow, Community Member
Erik Fredlov, Community Member
Sonya Fredlov, Community Member
Jennie Freeburg, Community Member
Rose Friedland, Community Member
Marissa Friedman, Community Member
Carri Frola, Community Member
Brian Frye, University of Kentucky College of Law
Cary Fukui, City
Ashley Gable, WGA
Adriana Galdos, Community Member
Y Gallo, Community Member
Joseph Gallucci, Community Member
Elizabeth Gartner, Community Member
Ethan Gates, Yale University Library
Audrey Georg, Community Member
Samantha Glasser, Community Member
Peter Goldberg, Community Member
Jordan Goldman, IATSE 700
David Gomez, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Kimberly Gorman, Archives
Micah Gottlieb, Mezzanine
Alisha Graefe, Community Member
Erin Graff Zivin, Community Member
Megan Graham, Community Member
Brian Graney, Union Member
Sara Greenfield, Film Archive Intern
Zena Grey, MPEG, SAG-Aftra, Equity
April Griess, Archivist
sara Guci, Artist
Jere Guldin, Museum Member
Sam Gurry, CFA
Marco Polo Gutierrez, Community Member
J. Raúl Guzmán, Academy Museum Workers United
Manny Guzman, SMART UTU
Mary Lou Guzman, Not specified
Mary Haberle, Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts
ariel hahn, CFA
Steven Haines, Community Member
Melissa Haley, Archivist
Melissa Haley, Archivist
Andrew Hall, United Federation of Teachers
Rebecca Hall, Community Member
Allison Hall, Community Member
Tenille Hands, Film archivist
Jaclyn Harooni, Artist
Sarah Hartzell, Community Member
Liz Havstad, Hip Hop Caucus
Charissa Hearon, Artist
Jaime Henderson, Archivist, Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley
Lindsay Herz, Community Member
Dave Hess, Community Member
Lena Hicks, Pasadena City College
Jeff High, Community Member
Justin Hite, Community Member
Ashley Hoffman, Community Member
isabella Hoffmann, Artist
Mike Hogan, Artist
Jessica Holada, Librarian, Archivist, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Alexandra Holtzer, Community Member
Dakota Hommes, DBRL Workers United
Hillary Howell, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Mary Huelsbeck, Community Member
Joshua Hughey, Community Member
Erin Hurley, UC Berkeley
Hyesung ii, Academy Museum
Kyle Imdieke, Minnesota Historical Society Workers Union, AFSCME Local 3173
end incarceration, Museum Member
Gwendolyn Infusino, Artist
Gregory Irwin, Community Member
Sonja Isaacson, MNHS employee - member of AFSCME
Annie Jaffe, Community Member
Cameron Jappe, Industry Art Works
Greg Javer, Artist
Jackie Jay, Farallon Archival Consulting LLC
Krystell Jimenez, Archivist
Alana Johnson, Los Angeles Public Library
Cheryl Jones, Academy Museum Workers United
james jones, former union member of local 174 IATSE
Corina Jones, iA Financial Group
Chriss Jones, Daniel Boone Regional Library Workers United, AFSCME 3311
Edgar Jorge Baralt, Artist
Emily Jorgenson, Community Member
Jami Jurich, Community Member
Lisa Kahn, Community Member
Lisa Kahn, Community Member
Brett Kashmere, Canyon Cinema Foundation
Alex Kauffman, AFSCME DC47
Connor Keep,
Tara Kelley, Rutgers University Libraries
Hannah Kemp-Severence, N/A
Kimberly Kennedy, Librarian
Thomas & Elizabeth Kilcoyne, Community Member
Sharon Kim, Museum Member
Christene Kings, Artist
Nadejda Klein, Museum Member
Jessica Klier, Community Member
Stefan Kloo, Community Member
Dawna Knapp, Sierra Club
Louis Knecht, University Archivist, Dominican University of California
Lydia Koerner, Community Member
Adam Kopald, IATSE 700
John Kostka, Sony
Lorraine Krampe, Community Member
Sophie Kriegel, Community Member
Ken Kristensen, Museum Member
Reto Kromer, AV Preservation by
Reto Kromer, Community Member
Bridget Kurano, Community Member
Trevin L, Union Member
Jed Lackritz, IATSE 700
Samantha Ladwig, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Joanne Lammers, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Lee Landey, Artist
Edward Landler, Filmmaker/Film Historian
Ruth Lane, Community Member
Jennifer Langston, Elected Official
Maia LeClair, Minnesota Historical Society Union
Andrew Lee, Museum Member
Christy LeMaster, SNF Parkway
Trisha Lendo, Paramount
Eric Leonardson, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Lindy Leong, Community Member
Ruth Lewis, Artist
Heather Linville, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Kristin Lipska,
Lynne Littman, Artist
Alyssa Loera, J. Paul Getty Trust
Spencer Longo, Artist
Regina Longo, Media Archivist, Brown University
Josue Lopez, Academy Museum Workers United
Janet Lorenz, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Graciela Loza, Community Member
Brendan Lucas, Community Member
Minnie Lucas, Artist
Rebecca Lyon, Chicago Film Society
Jonathan Mackris, Community Member
Josh MacPhee, archivist/Interference Archive
Charles Macquarie, Archivist
Ronald Magliozzi, Curator
Lucas Maia, IWW
Bronwyn Maloney, Artist
Caitlin Manocchio, DreamWorks
Robin Margolis, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Marinanrz Marinanrz, Service
Carly Marino, Cal Poly Humboldt Library
Franny Marion, Community Member
Liana Marks, Community Member
David Marriott, Arbelos Films
David Marsh, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Elizabeth Marshall, Community Member
April Martens-Rodriguez, AFSCME Local 3173
Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez, AFSCME council 5
THOMAS J MARTIN, Thomas J. Martin
Ernesto Martinez, Community Member
Dana Matunas, Columbus Education Association
Monroe Maxwell, Community Member
Blair McClendon, Artist
Lauren McDaniel, Archivist
Parker McDaniels, Community Member
Devin McGeehan Muchmore, Grad Archives Intern, Hoover Institution Library & Archives
Tiana McKenna, Community Member
Christine McKenzie, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Nicole McKeon,
Betsy McLane,
Casey McNamara, Community Member
Jessica McNeil-Estes, Community Member
Cassie McQuater, Artist
Megan McShea, Archivist
Karen McSween, College of Marin
Brian Meacham, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Myron MEISEL, Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle
Alberto Melchor, Community Member
Sadie Menchen, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Julio Menjivar, IBEW
Kit Messick, Archivist
Julia Mettenleiter, Swedish Film Institute
Michailajx Michailajx,
Michailrbe Michailrbe,
Bianca Mijares, Community Member
Myles Mikulic, Historian
Kathy Miles, Artist
Lindsay Miller, Vinegar Syndrome
Pauline Miller, CWA Local 1036
Ellen Mitchell, Community Member
Sharon Mizota, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Dan Molloy, Walt Disney Imagineering
Carter Moon, Artist
Chelsea Moore, IATSE LOCAL USA 829
Alison Moore, Consulting Archivist, San Francisco Bay Area
Jennifer Moorman, Fordham University
Teresa Mora, UCSC Library
Morgan Morel, BAVC Media
Kara Morgan, Community Member
Jean Moylan, Community Member
Grace Muñoz, Community Member
Juliette Muracchioli, Public Official
Jenn Murphy, Community Member
Kevin Murphy, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Kate Murray, Library of Congress
Meghan Muser,
Natashavxk Natashavxk, Mebel
Sari Navarro, Academy Museum
Shannon Neale, Film Viewer
Megan Needels, San Francisco Cinematheque
Robin Nelson, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Joshua Ng, Community Member
Hayley Nielsen, Community Member
Zoë Nissen, USC Digital Library
Jensen Novak, Union Member
Marianne O'Brien, LAUSD
Lauren O'Connor, Writers Guild Foundation Library
Meg Ocampo, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Elizabeth Ochoa,
Ryan Oleary, Community Member
Erika Opalski, Freelance costume design
Kevin Ott, WGA Foundation (former staff)
John O’Neill, Community Member
lydia pappas, Community Member
Sabira Parajuli, Academy Museum
Elizabeth Parker, Cornell University, Technical Services Archivist
ELIZABETH Parks Kibbey, Long Beach Unified School District
Andy Paroff, Unemployment Law Project
Inez Parra, Community Member
Tori Patrick, Daniel Boone Regional Library + AFSCME Local 3311
Jason Patrone, Union Member
Josiah Patrow, IATSE Local 695
Anne Paxton, Unemployment Law Project
Jon Peltz, Community Member
Shira Peltzman, UCLA Library
Yesenia Perez, UCLA MLIS Student
Greg Pierce, Director of Film and Video, The Andy Warhol Museum
Alyssa Piperis, Community Member
Keith Pluymers, Community Member
Eric Pomert, Eric Pomert Film Editor
Kikia Poosti, Community Member
Inney Prakash, Maysles Documentary Center
Rick Prelinger, Prelinger Archives
Jonah Primiano, Artist
Charlotte Procter, LUX
Carolina Quezada Meneses, Mike Kelley Foundation for the Arts
Thomas Quinn, Union Member
Lorena Ramirez-Lopez, Audiovisual Preservationist/Conservator
Emily Rauber Rodriguez, Academy Museum Workers United
Alan Raymond, Academy member Documentary branch
Alexis Recto, Community Member
Meredith Reese, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
K.J. Relth-Miller, Academy Museum
Vanessa Renwick, Oregon Department of Kick Ass
Julia Rich, Community Member
Chris Riddle, DGA
Rebecca Rieckmann, Community Member
Allison Riley, Affordable housing developer
Megan Riley, Community Member
Molly Robins, Academy Museum
Howard A. Rodman, Figaro-Pravda
Dave Rodriguez, United Faculty of Florida
Simeon Rogers, Firefighters local 2
Adam Rose, Community Member
Ivan Rothberg, American Cinematheque
Teresa Roxburgh, Community Member
Zachary Rutland, Archivist
Diana Rwlth, Artist
Allison Ryan, Community Member
Jean Sack, Community Member
Deborah Sadler, I was an archivist, am now a visual artist
Catherine Safley,
Reilly SaintAmand, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Quinn Salazar, Academy Museum of Motion Pictures
Terry Sanders, President, American Film Foundation, Academy Member, Producer, Director, Writer, 2 Time Oscar Winner
Amanda Sandoval, Community Member
Kelsey Sandoval, TravisMathew
Jesse Sanes, Champion Graphics
jennifer Saparzadeh, Artist
Mark Sarcone, APWU
Ryan Savoy, Community Member
David Scheerer, Orpheus Pictures Entertainment
Kathryn Schoerner,
Sandra Schulberg, IndieCollect
Annie Schweikert, Community Member
Kim Secoquian, Community Member
David Seitz, Community Member
Sara Seltzer, Community Member
Zach Sherwin, Community Member
Yuri Shimoda, Community Member
Leah Shirley, Artist
Emily Siegenthaler, Community Member
Kristen Siemientkowski, Community Member
Sigridur Regina Sigurthorsdottir, Community Member
Diane Silva, Community Member
Alina Sinetos, Former Academy Foundation Employee
David Slack, WGA
Adam Smith, Artist
Jennifer Smith, Supporter
Amanda Smith,
Jennifer Snyder, Archivist
Henrik Soederstroem, Artist
Liz Sommer, Community Member
Lauren Sorensen, Community Member
Penelope Spheeris, Director/Academy/DGA/WGA
Patricia Springer, Artist
Sarah Stearn, AMWU
Stacy Stearns, Self
Kate Steffens, California Faculty Association/SJSU
Shaula Stephenson, Archivist
Elijah Stevens, Artist
Ammie Stobaugh, Union Member
Kendra Stoll, Caltrans
Jessica Storm, Paramount Pictures
Megan Straczewski, Former arts employee
David Strunk, United Talent Agency
Emily Sulzer, Community Member
Ryan Swen, Film Critic
Amber Sykes, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Nessa Tabrizy, COIandCO
Jessica Tai, Archivist
Eira Tansey, Community Member
Chris Taylor, Librarians’ Guild
Morgan Taylor, Data Librarian Disney Streaming Services
M Tedesco, Artist
Blake Thompson, Columbus Museum of Art Workers United
John Tirpak, Unemployment Law Project
Teresa Tjepkes, AFSCME Local 3173 (Minnesota Historical Society)
Leah Torbati, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Candace Toth, Community Member
Jennifer Tsai, Community Member
Benjamin Tucker, American Cinematheque
Vera Tykulsker, UCLA
Andy Uhrich, Community Member
carrie ungerman, Community Member
Cheli V, LA Tenants Union, SEIU
Justin Vaccaro, Film and Media Scholar
Pamela Vadakan, California Revealed
Courtney Valentine, Community Member
Gus Van Sant, Sawtooth Film Co
Kyle Vannoy,
Ana Vargas, Community Member
Robert Vaszari, Community Member
Luz Vazquez, Community Member
Lornett Vestal, Progressive Workers Union
Victormdh Victormdh,
Victorvfz Victorvfz,
Angie Villafañe, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Anders Villalta, Community Member
Patricia Ledesma Villon, Canyon Cinema Foundation
Gina Viola, Former LA Mayoral Candidate
Caitlin Votek, Community Member
Jamie Wagner, Moving Image Archivist, University of Colorado Boulder
Rebecca Waldorf, Community Member
Gregory Walsh, Former Academy Foundation Employee
Denis Warburton, Art & Technic
Karyn Warren-Gregory, Community Member
Andrew Weaver, Community Member
Samantha Weinert, Community Member
Harrison Weinfeld, Union Member
Dianne Weinthal, Artist
Elissa Weinzimmer, Artist
Zelda Wengrod, Community Member
Shawne West, Community Member
Abbey White, Travismathew
Eric White, Artist
Samantha Whitty, Community Member
Gwendolyn Wiegold, AFSCME - CWU
Wyatt Wilhelm, Student
Wyatt Wilhelm, Student
Geoff Willard, Stanford University
Tessa Williams, Community Member
Shiloh Williams, Community Member
Gail Willumsen, Artist
Michael Wingate, Artist
Casey Winkleman, June L Mazer Lesbian Archives
Pauline Wolstencroft, LACMA
David Wood, Recenter Body & Soul
Fronza Woods, Artist
Kyla Worrell, UCLA MLIS 2023
Jaclyn Wu, Academy Museum Workers United
Laura Wynne, Artist
Caroline Yee, Community Member
Jacob Zaborowski, Community Member
Emily Zheng, Community Member
Arius Ziaee, Artist
Renee Ziemann,
Russell Zych, Community Member