A union's role is to advocate for the interests of its members and I believe all workers deserve that kind of representation.

I admire and care about my colleagues immensely, and I'm so proud of our ongoing efforts to help contribute to and enrich our larger cinema culture and community.

Our workplace has a lot of weight in the quality and conditions of our lives, and I no longer want to be powerless in this regard. All of us should have a voice and be represented fairly, and the only way we can begin to achieve this is through a union.

I support this union because I believe in equity, parity, and transparency. These components are essential to a thriving work environment, and with union support we will head in this direction, and be stronger for it.

Unions are one of very few tools we have to address the imbalance of power in our workplaces. When workers are empowered, it makes our organizations stronger.

As a union my colleagues and I can stand together to demand the fair treatment and dignity we so rightly deserve. The power our union will give us is not the power to choose, but the power to create the choice for ourselves.

A union will give us more of a say in our work-lives. Our collaboration, both with our fellow members and with management, will make the Academy a better place to work.

I'm for our union because I don't think a person should have to choose between doing a job they love and a job that supports them.